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  • Company

    We are a boutique law firm with specialties that include immigration, employment, public and local government law, and dispute resolution. For example, our legal team assists clients to obtain New Zealand residence and work permits, and to deal with issues and resolve disputes in a wide range of legal contexts.


  • Services

    We cost-effectively achieve successful results for our clients.
    Our positive relationships with relevant government agencies mean, in the vast majority of cases, we get great outcomes without litigation.
    When court action is required, we have the skills, experience  and expertise to get the job done.

  • Contact
    Level 5, 15 Brandon Street,
    Leaders Building
    PO Box 2027
    Wellington 6140 New Zealand

    Email: clerks@woodsfletcher.co.nz

    Phone: 04 499 8933

    Fax: 04 499 8934


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